Use Your Own Book of Business

Presented by Gary Peterson

Here is an opportunity that several of our agents have offered to their clients and received great results. Give me a call and let’s see if you have any of your clients available. The hottest leads you will ever have is your own book of business. You’ve already sold something to your clients so there is a big trust factor involved in these relationships. Do you think they will take the time to listen to what else you have to say? YES! Right now, you have as many leads as you have clients and just because the sale you made was recent, doesn’t mean they don’t need help in other areas of their life. Below are some great opportunities that exist within your book of business. These are great reasons to reach out to your clients and discuss the need for life insurance.

If you have clients with recently added financial responsibilities such as having a baby, buying a house, been promoted with a higher salary, have come into money by inheritance, settlement, taking care of their parents, etc., then the TOP Program is a Fast and Convenient way of getting up to One Million of additional coverage on a non medical basis. If your client has purchased term insurance from one of 70 approved carriers within the last five years, Standard Risk Class or better with a minimum face of $100K, then they may be able to get up to $1M of coverage with NO Blood or Urine analysis necessary.

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