Training on IRAs

Presented by Richard Mangiameli

There is over $16 Trillion of savings in American’s Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Most of these accounts are not properly structured to take advantage of new IRS rules allowing your clients (IRA owners) to generate a lifetime of income for themselves, their children and their grandchildren.

Are you a trained advisor who knows how to properly structure these accounts so your clients and their families can get the most out of their IRAs, 401(k)s, Pensions, and other qualified retirement accounts? Would you like to be? How would you like to be trained by one of the Leading Experts on IRA distributions and IRS Rules?

Here is what you will receive when you work with me at Financial Brokerage:

• The Concept and the Market
• Three Easy Steps to Stretch Qualified Money
• Choosing the Ideal Custodian for your Clients’ IRA
• Beneficiaries and the Separate Account Rule
• Stretching a Roth IRA
• The Non-Qualified Stretch
• Estate Tax and the Stretch
• Ultimate 3rd party Influence
• The 2 Step approach to the Stretch
• Objections Overruled
• The 10 Top Mistakes IRA Owners and Beneficiaries Make
• Power Closes and Trial Closes

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