Tools to help you when face-to-face isn’t an option

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Tools to help you when face-to-face isn’t an option

Sometimes you can’t meet with potential clients face-to-face, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them. Securian Financial is here for you and your clients when digital is the answer:


  • Provides you an easy way to complete your client’s application online, anytime, anywhere
  • Allows for you and your clients to electronically sign with applications
  • Ensures your clients’ applications are in good order1, increasing your productivity so you can close business quickly

Learn more about our dynamic eApp process ›

WriteFit Underwriting

  • Is a less invasive underwriting option for your clients that doesn’t require an examiner to visit their home
  • Uses the tele-interview process2
  • Gives you and your clients underwriting decisions in as little as 24 hours3

See how submitting business with WriteFit4 is easy ›

ePolicy Delivery

  • Helps you get your clients life insurance coverage fast
  • Provides you and your clients with a completely paperless experience with electronic signatures
  • Allows for life insurance policies to be signed, sealed and delivered in 7 days

View our ePolicy Delivery FAQ to learn more ›

Drop Ticket

  • Offers your clients with quick and easy application for individual term insurance
  • Ensures your clients’ applications and delivery requirements are in good order
  • Is a completely digital experience when paired with eApp and ePolicy Delivery

Learn how Drop Ticket works and to see additional benefits ›


Don’t forget, DocuSign® is also an option for electronic signatures. To learn more about how you can get set up with DocuSign, view our FAQ or contact your case manager.
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1. Applications in good order are dependent on accurate input entered.

2. Information from tele-interview helps determine whether client qualifies for WriteFit Underwriting.

3. After completion of the tele-interview. For eligible clients.

4. WriteFit and WriteFit Express are available under our WriteFit Underwriting program.

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