The Eight Elements of Extended Care Riders – Element 2 – No-lapse guarantee

Presented by  Brian Leising

Finding the right formula for each client

Not all extended care riders on life insurance policies are created equally. Do you know the differences? Different combinations will appeal to different clients more than others. Here are eight of the major distinguishing features among insurance companies offering extended care riders. All include some combination of the eight elements. This allows you to find the right formula for each client.

Premium Payments Benefit Qualification Benefit Amount
Pf Payment Frequency Pa Payment Amount
Lg Lapse Guarantee Tc Tax Code Pm Payment Method
Wp Waiver of Premium Ep Elimination Period If Inflation

Element 2 – No-lapse guarantee

One of the primary reasons clients give for purchasing life insurance-based extended care plans over traditional extended care policies is the fact their premium will never change. As a health insurance product, traditional LTC polices are subject to rate increases. Good luck keeping your clients happy when they receive a rate increase notice of 50% or more! With a no-lapse guarantee universal life or a whole life based contract, your clients never have to worry about future rate increases. Everything is in their control. If they pay their premiums on time, every time, take no loans or withdrawals, their premiums are guaranteed to remain level. Some companies also offer life insurance without guarantees for their extended care riders. These need to be monitored regularly to ensure they maintain enough cash value to remain in force.

Look for Element 3 – Waiver of Premium in March.

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