Increase Your DI Sales in 4 SIMPLE Steps!

Presented by Michelle Daharsh

Disability insurance is a new concept for most consumers but it also is a concept that you should be talking about to each and every one of your clients. Start with the basics and uncover if your client has any misconceptions about disability income protection. Educating clients from what it covers, how benefits can be used and that their coverage can be tailored. You can help assist your client in making the right decisions by showing them how to protect their income and everyday lifestyle.

Do you know the right questions to ask your clients? Utilizing the Income Protection Calculator from Principal Financial Group (link is below) can do just that! This calculator will help you ask the right questions as you delve into the basic issues of disability. Then you will be able to provide your client with three income protection options. Don’t let misconceptions about disability income coverage stop the sale before it starts! The right tools can make a world of difference.

Sales Concept Playbook

Presented by Gary Peterson

Agents are always asking the question, “How can I get my clients and prospects interested in buying Life insurance?”  At Financial Brokerage, we have partnered with many carriers to offer sales ideas and concepts for you to use.  Here is an example from North American’s “Sales Concept Playbook”.

Legacy Building: Help Maximize Assets Passed to Beneficiaries

Leverage is a term that most people have heard but few take advantage of. Life insurance provides an opportunity to use leverage to pass on greater assets to your heirs.  Think of it as buying dollars for pennies. If you have funds available to pass onto your heirs, each of those pennies can buy dollars and, therefore, leave behind a greater financial legacy.  The leverage of life insurance makes this possible.”

Questions to ask:

 Do you have funds that in your mind are already set aside for passing on to your heirs at your death?”

 Are you sure you won’t need these funds in your lifetime?”

 Would you like to explore how, using those funds, you could multiply the amount of financial legacy you leave for your loved ones?”

 Give us a call at 800-397-9999 and let’s work together to increase your Life Insurance sales.

Where Am I?

Presented by Gary Peterson

In our technological world, we can use our GPS system to find out where we are and how we can get to another place. Now is a good time to turn on your “Sales GPS”, using it to guide you through the remainder of 2016.  You can find a path to increase your production and obtain the goals you set back in January. Or, you can expand upon your goals that have been reached. Following are more areas you can use to fine-tune this Sales GPS:

                Client reviews

                Client anniversaries or birthdays

                Referrals from your centers of influence

                Referrals from your current and past clients

                Partnering with local agents not in your product area

You may come up with others, but the bottom line is, turn your Sales GPS on and put it to use today!

Turn Your Clients’ “Lazy Money” Into Life Sales

Presented by Gary Peterson

Have you heard about the Smart Money Concept? If you have clients that are planning on leaving assets to their family, or have money set aside for an emergency, this may offer a safe way for them to pursue their goals.

Permanent life insurance offers four key benefits:  

·  Income tax-free death benefit to beneficiaries

·  Access to cash value for unexpected or immediate needs

·  Access to the death benefit for living needs

·  Competitive returns on death benefit over life expectancy and/or cash surrender value

With the Smart Money program, there are no surrender charges and penalty-free withdrawals (talk to your Life Marketer to ensure your case has the necessary riders for the Smart Money sale).

I have attached information for you to review as well as an illustration of the potential this program may offer to your clients. Give me, Gary Peterson, a call at 800-397-9999 to discuss.

Smart Money Marketing Guide

Smart Money Agent Worksheet

Smart Money Tip Sheet

Smart Money Valued Client Sample Illustration

Fixed Index Annuities: Sales growing, products evolving!

Presented by Richard Mangiameli

For the first time, FIAs accounted for more than 50% of the market share for all annuity sales!

Not only did sales reach over $48 billion in 2014, they are also gaining popularity in the “Broker-Dealer” channel. FIAs totaled 10% of the total broker-dealer annuity sales in 2014, and broker-dealers expect that share to grow.

There are many financial planners who think that Fixed Index Annuities are the worst – too complicated and too many moving parts. It’s important that they take a closer look. FIAs are not complicated and there are not too many moving parts, and with the growth FIAs are having, they are not the worst things out there for your clients. FIAs just celebrated 20 years in the business, and they are here to stay. It would greatly help your business and your clients for you to learn and understand Fixed Index Annuities.

Here is how you can learn more – call an Independent Marketing Office (IMO) such as Financial Brokerage, who has been in the market for over two decades and works with several insurance companies who offer FIAs, and will give you a non-bias opinion.

Read this article for more information: