Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington… What do they all have in common?

Presented by Jim Linn

Answer:  Legalization of recreational marijuana.  As a producer, you may have worked with clients and prospects that use marijuana, whether medicinal or recreational.  In a short article about marijuana usage on, you can explore how 29% of insurers can offer non-tobacco rates to marijuana users depending on frequency and whether medicinal or recreational.  Should you have a client that uses marijuana or tobacco products such as chew, pipes, e-cigs, cigars or the patch, contact your Financial Brokerage Life Sales Manager at 800-397-9999 for potential non-tobacco options.


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An alternative to CD’s being used for wealth transfer

Presented by Gary Peterson

An alternative to CD’s being used for wealth transfer:

Would you like a simple way to transfer assets for your clients? If they die with unused funds, their heirs will be forced to pay ordinary income tax on the gains. You can easily help them avoid this unnecessary tax by repositioning their funds in a wealth transfer life insurance policy.

National Western’s Lifetime Returns Select makes wealth transfer easy:

No Medicals
12 minute interview
12 Knockout Questions
Accept/Decline at point of sale

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LTR Select Highlight Sheet
Lifetime Returns Select Consumer Brochure
ESP Knockout Questions

Use Life Insurance to Maximize Your Client’s Retirement Income

Authored by Brian Leising

With increasing life spans, reductions in 401(k) plans, and unplanned serious illnesses you can reduce seniors’ fears by offering these solutions:

  • Select the maximum life annuity pension option.
  • Take a lump sum surrender payment from life insurance cash value.
  • Elect periodic withdrawals from life insurance policy cash value.
  • Exercise the accelerated death benefit option when terminal illness occurs.
  • Combine the need for life and long term care with a linked benefit policy.
  • Contribute additional funds to an indexed life policy for growth.

Finding Prospects

Authored by John Schraut

Are you sitting around thinking where you are going to get your next prospect?  You have more prospects sitting right in front of you than you know.  Grab your check book and credit card/bank statements – look at all the business prospects you have through your purchases.  These are all potential clients or referrals to prospect.  Here is a list of a few from my bank statement:

Hair stylist

Auto mechanic shop

Heating and Cooling company

Lawn care professional

Tax preparer




Photographer (for my 4 year old daughter’s pictures)

Dry cleaner

Locally owned restaurant I frequent


You will be amazed by the number and types of businesses you have been in contact with already. Get the word out to these businesses and start right away with setting up introduction meetings.

5 Ways to Keep Your New Years LTC Resolution

It’s always a smart idea to raise awareness with your clients of the importance of long-term care. It’s overlooked much too often. The best way to overcome this oversight is to continue to educate people about the potential risks of not planning for long-term care through out the year. And that gives you the perfect opportunity to talk to everyone you meet about the importance of adding this essential coverage.

Here are five things you can do throughout the year to boost your LTC sales:

1.  Make it your mission to talk about LTC with everyone you meet. This includes friends, family members, current clients and business contacts.

2.  Establish yourself as the go-to person in your community for LTC insurance. Offer to speak to community groups or associations. Meet with attorneys, accountants and other centers of influence to explain the service you can provide to their clients.

3.  Create a mailing to introduce yourself to people in the community and arouse their interest in talking with you about LTC. Or place a newspaper ad in your local paper or in association newsletters.

4.  Brush up on LTC insurance products so you are prepared to offer appropriate solutions for clients’ specific needs.

5.  If you haven’t already done so, consider purchasing a LTC insurance policy yourself. The old saying is true – it’s easier to sell something when you own it yourself.