Life Insurance

Group Life vs. Individual Coverage

Presented by Brian Leising I had a recent conversation with a producer who has an opportunity to help several employees at a business obtain individual life insurance.  Why individual coverage in a business?  The business recently changed ownership and the new owner decided not to offer group life insurance to the employees.  I used to warn employees of this very situation while selling life insurance as a voluntary workplace benefit.  I explained that although the group plan their employer offered was a great benefit, they were not in control.  The employer could drop the benefit at any time.  If they left that employer for another, they had no guarantee the next employer would offer the same benefit.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, ask your prospects:  “Do you really want to hand over control of your family’s financial future if you died unexpectedly to your employer?  You have the ability – and the duty – to take control of the situation and take care of your family yourself.  Your employer will never care for your family as much as you do.”  I understand some people cannot qualify for individual life insurance due to poor health.  Most can.  Make sure your clients and prospects are aware of this potential problem and make sure they have personally owned life insurance in place before their employer forces their hand.  They may not qualify in the future.
Sales & Marketing

Silver, Gold or Platinum – where will you be?

Presented by David Corwin   When it comes to perks, you want a program that gives you that little extra that you deserve and rewards you for your efforts and gives you money to put back into your business.  Financial Brokerage has pulled out all the stops as we’ve just announced the Elite Producer Group (EPG).  Here’s the skinny . . .   SILVER – If you are able to attain a 50,000 Success Share level then you will receive $500 to be used for your business expenses and an all expense paid trip to the EPG meeting.  I will tell you that if you get to this level then you’re 5,000 shares away from the Costa Rica trip so you might as well shoot to get the trip too. GOLD – This level requires 75,000 Success Shares.  You will receive $1,000 from our pockets to yours for business expenses and you also get the trip to the EPG meeting on us.  The one additional reward that you’d receive is that you get an extra day on our Shared Success incentive trip. PLATINUM – This is the highest level with EPG and it requires 100,000 shares.  $1,500 is the amount you would receive to put back into your business.  With this level, you would also receive a free trip to the EPG meeting and two (2) extra days of fun in the sun at our Shared Success incentive trip.  Oh and by the way, you’d also receive a Men’s Tag Heuer or a Women’s Movado Stainless Steel TC Bracelet Watch and you’d be recognized at the award ceremony.