Get the Facts

Presented by David Corwin The other day I was doing some landscaping in my front yard and my neighbor (works at a tree farm and has an opinion on everything that grows) proceeds to tell me what I’m doing wrong and the reasons why I should be doing it a different way.  By the time he finished, I realized that he just debunked everything I had just learned on YouTube!  I was, in fact, learning from an actual expert on the subject matter and what a big difference that makes. It works no differently in financial services, but this is much more important than helping your clients do yard work!  When I talk with agents that are successful, and I mean really successful, the main difference is that within the sales process they have developed a way to gather facts from the client and can then translate those facts into a solution that fits their unique needs.  The opposite of that is transactional selling, also known as order taking, which seems like a great temporary solution but may actually do more harm than good in the future.  If an agent is an expert in their field and does proper fact finding and planning, the client’s world is a better place.  If not, the client deserves for it to be that way.  These simple steps will help:  A) be an expert in your field; B) find out all the facts you can about your client; C) provide solutions that are more than the next transaction and D) you’ll have a client for life!  If you need fact finding worksheets and other materials that can help guide you, please contact me at 800-397-9999.  I can help!