Six Questions for Six Life Insurance Sales to Seniors – Part 3

Presented by Brian Leising

Do you have senior clients?  Did they purchase only one product from you?  Was it a Medicare supplement, annuity, long term care or final expense policy?  If you were able to uncover the need for one insurance product, could you uncover another?  What if you had six simple questions to ask your clients that would uncover additional sales?

Once you have determined your client has the proper life insurance coverage, you should be asking them: “Have you protected yourself from the high costs of extended care should you become ill or frail as you age?”  The high cost of long term care is the greatest threat to a client’s retirement funds by far.  After a fall, the stock market bounces back, the elderly do not.  Long term care insurance has traditionally been used in this situation but is not a good fit for everyone.  Linked benefit/life insurance based long term care policies offer protection with guarantees not found in traditional policies.  The life insurance based solutions guarantee the client’s premiums will never change.  They also guarantee a benefit will be paid out.  If the long term care benefit is never used, the death benefit will pass to the insured’s heirs.  Your clients are not really protected until they have some form of extended care coverage in place.

In part four, I will review a question to ask seniors who have their protection in place and have extra funds to leave to following generations.

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