Qualifications and Guidelines

Qualification and Guidelines


  • Producer must be in good standing with Financial Brokerage at the time of Success Shares redemption (i.e., must be currently contracted with companies from which Success Shares are derived and actively producing business each quarter).
  • No outstanding debit balance.
  • Shared Success qualifications and guidelines cannot be modified except in writing by an officer of Financial Brokerage.
  • Financial Brokerage holds sole discretion in the handling of issues not outlined in the qualifications and guidelines.
  • A 1099 will be issued to all recipients in accordance with IRS guidelines.
  • Partticipation in Financial Brokerage’s Shared Success® Program precludes producer from access to American Equity’s travel incentive programs.


  • $150,000* in paid life premium or $3,750,000* in paid annuity premium, or a combination of life and annuity premium will earn a producer and guest a trip to Tuscany Italy. Redemption Deadline: March 31, 2015.
  • $30,000* in paid life premium or $750,000* in paid annuity premium, or a combination of life and annuity premium will earn a producer and guest a cruise to Grand Turks and Caicos. Redemption Deadline: December 31, 2014

    * Please note: Single premium life products, SPIAs, MYGAs, products 5 years or less in surrender, and applications on annuitants/owners age 80 or older will earn Success Shares equal to 1 Success Share for every $100 of paid premium regardless of carrier.
    ** Calculations and Guidelines effective January 1, 2013. Subject to Change.

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Conferences & Cash: 1 Success Share for every $25 in paid premium

* All Single Premium Immediate Annuities
* All Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities
* All annuities with a surrender of 5 years and less
* All applications on annuitants/owners age 80 and older
American Equity
American General
American National
Fidelity & Guaranty
Great American
Lincoln Financial
Mutual of Omaha
National Western
North American
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