National Western – The Score Newsletter for June 22, 2015

Want to Go to Puerto Rico? We are half way through the qualification period for the 2016 Sales Conference and Champions Club. There are still over six months left to qualify. You will not want to miss the opportunity to join us in the Caribbean paradise of Puerto Rico! To see if you are on target to qualify login to your agent website and click on the ‘Am I on Target?’ link in the Sales Conference Section of the homepage. Click here to review the qualification requirements.

Option D Reminder Option D will only be available for the first policy year on the NWL Ultra Future and NWL Impact 10 for new policies with issue dates on or after July 1, 2015.
Beginning July 1, 2015 we will begin to notify existing policyholders that Option D is no longer available. Existing clients allocated to Option D can choose to reallocate to one of the other available options for the next policy year. Funds not reallocated to another available option will automatically be moved to Option B (the fixed option) on the policy anniversary.
Please contact Client Services for additional information.

*Change does not apply to NWL Ultra Future versions with a 2% bonus.

Commission Increase Reminder Effective with applications dated June 15, 2015 and later, the first year commissions on the NWL Impact 10 have been increased! Refer to your Annuity Schedule of Commissions on MyNWL for specific changes.

Required Third Party Notice in Connecticut The owner of an individual life insurance policy is entitled under Connecticut law to designate a third party to receive notice of cancellations of the policy due to nonpayment of premium. Effective July 30, 2015, National Western will not issue life business in Connecticut without the Third party Notice Request Form (form # 01-S041CT-15 ). The form is available on FormSource. The form must be signed by the owner even if not designating a third party to receive notifications.

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