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Discover the Secrets to Our Top Producers’ Success In a Flash!
We’re on a mission to gain and share valuable insight from the field and we have a forum in the works to help us do just that!

The NWL Flash is coming soon! This recurring 15-minute web call will be set up similar to an interactive podcast and you’re invited to join us for each episode, where a member of the NWL Sales Team will sit down for a one-on-one interview with one of our top producers.

The objective is to view the industry landscape from YOUR perspective. We want to learn about what makes you successful when going to market with our portfolio, so each 15-minute installment will focus on proven sales concepts utilizing one of our Life or Annuity products.

We’ll be reaching out to our top producers to be featured as special guests for upcoming episodes. If you are interested in participating in the NWL Flash, be on the lookout for upcoming registration links.

Annuity Products in Montana
Montana has recently passed a bill which will limit annuity withdrawal charge periods to 10 years.

The following products fall under the scope of this bill:

* Ultra Classic
* Ultra Benefit
* Ultra Future
* Benefit Assurance
* Future Assurance

This means that none of the above products may be issued in Montana after September 22, 2017. Any new or pending policies awaiting funds, must have the funds in house on or prior to 09/22/17.

Updated Forms

Third Party Notice Request Form:

State Previous
Form #:
Form #:
VT, FL 01-S041
NJ 01-S041NJ
RI 01-S045

Please use the updated forms which are now available on MyNWL.

Discontinued Annuity Products
In an effort to streamline our Annuity portfolio, we will be discontinuing a few select products. Effective December 22, 2017, the following products will no longer be available:

* Ultra Benefit
* Benefit Assurance
* Future Assurance
* Value Assurance

Any new issues of these products or pending policies for the above awaiting funds, must have funds in house on or prior to 12/22/17.

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