Level Term Rates with Up-To Lifetime Coverage

Presented by Jim Linn

We receive several calls a day requesting quotes on clients that are 60+ years old.  Typically the agent is requesting the maximum term length for the least amount of premium.  In working with someone 60+ years of age, at best, the longest time frame of term insurance available is 20 years, taking them to age 80 or 90.  A new study on mortality showed that the average mortality today is approximately 87, meaning their plan would fail them 7 years too early if they elected a 20 year plan.  Several carriers now offer Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) products that allow you to specify a time frame, such as coverage to age 90, 95, 100 or up through age 120.  These products are death-benefit driven and are not interest-rate based, allowing for a true guaranteed premium.  Also, depending on the state and product, most include an Accelerated Death Benefit feature for Terminal Illness, Chronic Illness or Critical illness, another added benefit of the product.  How do GUL’s compare against similar term options?  

Male age 70

Coverage Amount: $100K

Standard Non-Tobacco risk class 

20 Year Term Monthly Premium:  $290

GUL to age 90 Monthly Premium: $253 

That is a 15% premium difference for the same face amount and duration of coverage.  Plus the Accelerated Death Benefit features are included. Contact your life marketer at 800-397-9999 for more details!

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