Legacy Marketing – Rate Updates and New State Approvals



LegendMark 10 LT, 10 LT Plus Now Available in MN, OR, PA, and WA!
Tired of limited FIA offerings in your state? You can now add one of the market’s strongest, most innovative FIAs to your portfolio—LegendMark from Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company!
Clients get the best of both worlds for accumulation potential and income potential with LegendMark 10 LT and 10 LT Plus:
* Higher caps with indexed crediting options that charge a fee:
For example: 2.60% cap on the monthly point-to-point with fee!
* 5% vesting premium bonus (2.50% ages 76+) on LegendMark 10 LT Plus.
* Innovative Income XL Rider (included with LegendMark 10 LT Plus):
Leverages strong earnings with an income base up to 150% of the total Account Value.
* No market value adjustment.
For more product highlights, please see the LegendMark Quick Reference.
Training and Other Requirements—To start selling LegendMark 10 LT and 10 LT Plus, click here or visit the Annuity Training and Acknowledgement page of LegacyNet to complete your product training. Also, please be sure we have your updated E&O, continuing education (CE), and anti-money laundering (AML) training on file. If you are licensed in Pennsylvania, please note that, prior to soliciting any Fidelity & Guaranty Life business in the state, you must be appointed with the carrier. For more information, contact Licensing & Contracting:
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