Is Waiting for the Supreme Court’s Decision on the Affordable Care Act Affecting your Bottom Line?

Presented by Leonard Berthelsen

often talk with agents like you and get varied opinions on how the Supreme Court will rule on the Affordable Care Act.  Are they going to rule in favor of the government regarding subsidies for the Federal Marketplace, or will the market be unsettled as a result of the decision?  We all speculate on what the decision is going to be, and of course have our own opinion on what should be the ruling.

The end result is simply this, the decision has very little to do with whether our clients need life insurance, disability income protection or long term care insurance.  The need will still be there, regardless of what the decision is.

Our task is to stay focused on what we can change, what we can do for our clients and how we can make a better life for those we touch every day.  It’s easy to get caught up in all the turmoil, all the discussion, but in the end we need to do what we do best, that is help our clients.

We chose our profession because we wanted to help people, and that has grown into a passion for many of you.  Keep the passion burning, stay focused on what you can affect and you will find in the end that your clients are better off knowing you and working with you.

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