Helping a Business Owner Keep The Business Running

Presented by Michelle Daharsh

When small business owners become disabled, there’s a lot more at stake than just their personal obligations to their family. Ongoing business expenses such as rent, utilities, employee salaries and property taxes all need to be met, regardless if the business owner is there or not.

Your clients may already have disability income insurance in place to cover their personal expenses and income, but think about what would happen to those clients that own a business if they had a serious accident or an illness? How long would your client’s business survive, and how would they pay their monthly expenses in order to keep their business open?

Business Overhead Expense (BOE) insurance is designed to help protect your client’s business if they were to become disabled due to a serious illness or accident and are unable to work. Not only does that business owner have their own personal expenses to worry about, but they also have to pay employee salaries, rent, taxes, utilities, and a host of other expenses of their business. How are they going to be able to do this if they can’t work? Those bills could add up quickly if there isn’t business expense protection in place. A BOE policy will provide monthly payments to help pay those overhead expenses of the business and give your client the peace of mind that their business will continue to be up and running while they are recovering!

Without Business Overhead insurance, your client may have to consider other alternatives or potentially close their doors permanently. Unlike a personal disability income policy, which can pay benefits to age 65 due to a disability, a business overhead expense policy generally has a shorter benefit period of one to two years, but for a very specific reason. It allows a business owner that may be recovering from a disability, the time to get things back to some form of normalcy. However, if the disability of the owner is going to be more permanent, then it gives the owner ample time to explore alternatives for the business without being under a hardship to make a quick decision. Give your small business owner clients the power to help protect what they have worked so hard for with a Business Overhead expense policy!

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