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  • Four Ways To Pay The SECURE Act Tax (5/22/2020) - The new SECURE Act just changed the rules governing after-death distributions of tax qualified money, including IRAs and 401(k)’s. The new law accelerates the time in which taxes must be paid on this money. • Have your clients planned for this new 10 year distribution rule? • Have you planned for the loss of stretch [...]
  • Sales Idea 90 – Is There An IUL Strategy Over Age 70? (5/4/2020) - Is There An IUL Strategy Over Age 70? Here’s an IUL strategy for your clients over age 70 that can quadruple their legacy – and as a bonus, they don’t have to go through underwriting to make it happen. Clients over 70 are generally not good prospects for IUL sales, but their money is. That’s [...]
  • Sales Idea – How To Triple Your Life Insurance Commission – A Case Study (4/22/2020) - Here is a life insurance case study that will help your clients by giving them more options in the future by: doubling their premiums, for half the number of years, which also happens to triple your commissions. How does this work and how is it good for your clients? Take three minutes to learn how [...]
  • Sales Idea – What if healthcare was built into your retirement plan? (12/9/2019) - What if healthcare was built into your retirement plan?   What if you could build healthcare benefits into your retirement plan? When your clients need healthcare services in retirement for long term care, they will need to accelerate their spending. What if there was a way to access MORE than what was in their account? [...]