EquiTrust – Reminder – Product Training Required

Product Training Required BEFORE Annuity Solicitation
New Simplified Login for Training –
No Password Required!

EquiTrust Life requires ALL producers (regardless of state) to complete EquiTrust Product Training before soliciting annuity business.

Applications received without completed training will not be accepted.

EquiTrust Product Training takes about forty-five minutes to complete, and is available online, at Agents.EquiTrust.com.To complete your EquiTrust Life Product Training, go to the Agent Website: Agents.EquiTrust.com. Click on the Required Training Link. Then select Click Here to Begin EquiTrust Product Training; you will be linked to SuccessCE – the training site hosted by an external training vendor.

• As a currently contracted agent, you’ll need your agent code, birth date and
last four digits of your SS# or Tax ID#
• Agents not yet contracted need only their birth date and last four digits of their
SS# or Tax ID#

You can also see your training history at the Required Training link (login required).

Reminder: States that have adopted the NAIC Annuity Suitability regulation require annuity-specific Continuing Education in addition to carrier-specific product training. To see if your state requires annuity-specific Continuing Education, please check the website.

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