EquiTrust – Reminder – Income for Life Rider Change

Income For Life Rider Changes

Effective June 1

EquiTrust announces modifications to Income For Life, the income benefit rider available on fixed index annuities.

The Benefit Base roll-up rate and income-withdrawal percentages will change.
• The Benefit Base* rollup rate will be revised to 6.0%
• The income withdrawal percentages will be decreased by 0.25% for all
age groups

*The Benefit Base is a calculation used to determine payout amounts available with the rider. The Benefit Base does not impact the annuity’s Accumulation Value.

Click here for revised Agent Guide; all rider sales materials reflecting these changes will be available on Agents.EquiTrust.com on Thursday, May 28.

• Original Applications must be in the EquiTrust office by 5/29/15 to receive the 6.5%
rollup rate and higher withdrawal percentages.
• If faxed applications are received at EquiTrust by 5:00 PM (Central) on
Friday, 5/29/15 AND ORIGINAL application packets are received no later
than Monday, 6/1/15, the contract will be issued with the 6.5% rollup rate
and higher withdrawal percentages.
• A revised rider disclosure dated 6/15 will be required for applications
received on or after 6/1/15 in which the rider is elected.

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