EquiTrust – Optional Rider on Certainty Select Discontinued

Optional Rider on Certainty Select Discontinued

Currently, Certainty Select (MYGA) features two versions: the Base Contract and Optional Rider. Effective 2/1/16, the Optional rider will no longer be available.

Transition Rules
* To get the Optional Rider, original applications must be received in the
EquiTrust home office by Friday, 1/29/16.

* Pending sales of Optional Rider received before 2/1/16 will be issued.

* The new Disclosure Statement (dated 02/16) is required for all Certainty
Select applications received on or after 2/1/16.

Revised Sales Materials and Forms
Certainty Select sales materials and Disclosure Statements reflecting the Base-Contract version only will be available on the Agents.EquiTrust.com website on 1/29.

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