EquiTrust – Client Use Tool for Explaining Index Accounts

Strategy overview for each index account – for all index annuities!

Index-Strategy Descriptions provide a simple overview of the calculations behind each index-crediting strategy. They’re an excellent supplement to the product brochures.

Each is available for easy download:
1-Year Monthly Cap Index Account
1-Year Point-to-Point Index Account
1-Year Monthly Average Participation Account
1-Year (Daily) Average Cap Index Account (not available with MarketValue)
2-Year Monthly Average Cap Index Account (not available with MarketBooster)
1-Year (Monthly) Average Cap Index Account(MarketValue only)

Note that the Index-Strategy Description calculations are hypothetical and are not based on historical index results. For a true historical perspective of each index strategy, refer to the Index Historical Charts on the website. Index Historical Charts can be customized with your contact information and shared with your clients! For more information on Index Historical Charts, click here.

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