Double Success Shares

What counts?
Where do I find the sales?

  • Do your clients want to leave a legacy?
    Many seniors have dollars allocated for the next generation. Why not help them maximize what they leave behind? A single premium life insurance policy will help your clients leverage their dollars and pass on more than what their current asset is worth. Better yet, the money passes with no probate and NO TAXES!
  • Do your clients need a fixed asset (CD) alternative?
    If your clients don’t like their local bank’s interest rates and don’t want to be locked in to long surrender charges, you can help. Interest rates and index caps usually exceed the best annuities on the market.
  • Are your clients frustrated with their current long term care insurance choices?
    Many consumers realize their need for LTC protection but are concerned they may never use the insurance or may face future rate increases. A hybrid, life insurance based plan eliminates both concerns for your clients.