Disability Income Protection – Good for Both the Client and the Producer

Presented by Tim Dreher

There are many good reasons for making the effort to start talking to your clients about Disability Income protection. Two very important ones are protecting your clients from the financial consequences of a debilitating accident/injury or serious sickness/illness, and the potential significant increase in your income from writing a new line of business. It’s a natural win-win.

Disability Income protection is a great product. It protects what many consider to be your client’s greatest asset…their ability to earn a living. With someone becoming disabled in this country every 1.2 seconds, the disabled have become the largest minority is the US. And yet, 69% of America’s workforce has no long term disability coverage at all.

The market for Income protection insurance is wide open. It should be your mission in 2016 to talk to as many people as possible about this affordable coverage.

Don’t feel shy about bringing up the subject of a disability. Let your client know that you care enough about them and their financial well-being that they at least need to have the conversation with you and explore their options.

Be proud of the fact that no one else can protect them like you can. Their employer, their accountant, their attorney, and the government can’t protect them like you can. Only you, as their insurance professional and financial advisor, can protect them from a devastating financial disaster should they become unable to earn a paycheck due to a disability.

Nearly 60% of all home foreclosures are due to a disability and you are in the best position to help your clients make sure that it doesn’t happen to them.

Don’t let your clients, friends or family have to rely on a bake sale or a spaghetti feed to help pay their bills if they should ever find themselves in a position of being unable to work and make a living.

In a recent survey, only 18% of consumers remember their insurance agent ever mentioning Disability Income protection to them. Make talking about Income Protection a part of every conversation that you have with your clients and prospects in 2016 and you will reap the rewards.

Grab a brochure and get out and see the people. Let’s make it a great new year in protecting people’s income & assets.


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