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  • Have you heard of the 35-35-35 Retirement Plan? (11/15/2019) - Have you heard of the 35-35-35 Retirement Plan? WHAT IS IT?   You probably know several retirement plans by their tax code number, the 401(k), 403(b), 412(i) and maybe even so-called 7702(t) plans. But what about the 35-35-35 plan?   Want to see this plan in action? Take a listen to this quick video, then [...]
  • When Does $100,000 Equal $1,000,000? (11/8/2019) - When Does $100,000 Equal $1,000,000? Did you know that if a 60 year old moves just $100,000 of assets to the right place today, it could save them $1,000,000 of medical expenses in retirement? • cover $1,000,000 of your client’s medical expenses for long term care in retirement • preserve $1,000,000 in assets under management [...]
  • Sales Idea – A Millionaire For $100/Month? (11/4/2019) - A Millionaire For $100/Month? What can you get for $100 a month?   How about: • $22,000 for college • $30,000 down payment on a home • $70,000 annual retirement income   Curious to see how you can do all this for just $100 a month? Watch the video then contact us for an illustration [...]
  • Sales Idea – How to SUPERCHARGE a Retirement Plan (10/27/2019) - How To SUPERCHARGE A Retirement Plan WHAT IS IT?     • “Enhanced Funding” or Life Insurance Premium Finance can significantly enhance the long-term cash value accumulation of a life insurance policy. • Financing is obtained through a specialty Lender or Bank that provides a custom loan arrangement. • The annual cost or out of [...]