You Are a Business Pro (yes, I stole the car-rental company tag line)

Do you still use an e-mail address for your business with a domain like or  Did you know that, for a very small amount, you can own your domain name (the part after the ‘@’ sign) with a great name like ‘’?  In our opinion, having your own domain name gives your business legitimacy.  Even if you don’t have your own web site, which I’ve spoken and blogged about in the past (yes, I think it’s a requirement in today’s business world), you can at least have the domain name.  Of course, one of the first methods a consumer might use to research you would be to look at your domain name within your e-mail address and try to access your web site by typing in ‘’.  If they find it, great!  That means you’ve taken the time and spent a little $$ to build your web presence.  If not, well, you should probably take the time and spend a little $$ to build your web presence!  Even if you’re technology-averse, it can easily be done through our web site hosting partner, which can be found through  And, as a bonus, you get all the help you need from me at no charge!  Hey, it’s a $1.99 value for free!

So now, at the very least, you have your own domain name and professional-looking e-mail addresses…and probably a web site as well since I’ve made you feel bad about NOT having one.  Did you know that we can build your business brand, logo, etc.?  We have a fantastic graphic designer on staff that has created branding for hundreds of clients!  You simply provide your thoughts, as complex or as simple as you wish, regarding theme, colors, look and he will do the rest.  Even if you have no thoughts, neither simple nor complex, he can work with that, too!  The guy’s like a mind-reader, even when there’s not much mind to read…trust me, he works with ME all the time.

After you’ve got the basics down…domain, web site (yes, you need to build one…have I mentioned that?), branding, it’s time to get started doing some really sweet e-mail marketing!  Call/e-mail and ask all the questions you want (still a $1.99 value for free) and we’ll get you going!  402-334-6330 or