Sales Idea 68 – Non-Med IUL on a Budget

Non-Med IUL on a Budget
The average index universal life (IUL) insurance premium is just over $9,000 per year. What about clients working with a smaller budget? Can an IUL still work for them?

This convenient chart shows retirement income amounts for several ages based on much lower monthly contributions to an IUL. Better yet, many of these amounts will not require your clients to complete a paramedical exam or labs.

Let us know if you would like copy of the pdf. This works with individuals as well as groups. In fact, the idea was meant to be used in an employer group setting.

Sales Idea – IUL or 401(k)? Which is right for your clients?

IUL or 401(k)?
Which is right for your clients?
Many people fund 401(k) plans for retirement savings, but are they right for everybody? Would something else be better? In this video, I explore pros and cons of 401(k) plans when compared to an overfunded index universal life (IUL) insurance policy. For some people, the tax free income, no risk of loss and other benefits in an IUL outweigh the risk of loss and restrictions found in 401(k) plans.

Let me know if you would like a copy of the handy one-page chart that compares the differences. You can use this to explain why your clients may be better off using indexed universal life insurance instead of a traditional 401(k).

Sales Idea – Unlock the Power of Indexed Universal Life

Unlock the power of Indexed Universal Life so you can transform your business.

With Stonewood software and turn-key marketing programs, you get access to proven IUL sales stories and the tools to close business with them.

Seminars and meeting scripts for prospecting. Brochures and handouts for client meetings. Customized IUL proposals to close business. Our software and programs take you from “nice to meet you” to “nice doing business with you.”

Sales Idea – Is IUL too expensive?

Is IUL Too Expensive?
Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance too expensive? To answer that question you should consider a few things. How long will the policy be in force before I access the cash value? Some of the expenses are both fixed and front-loaded. This means the longer the policy is in force and the more the accumulation value increases, the lower the expenses will be as a percentage of the overall cash value. Also, what are the expenses for? A portion of the expenses pay for a death benefit which is an incredibly valuable asset that the client owns from the first day of the policy being in force. Remember this is a life insurance policy and the benefits of the policy are unique to life insurance. Finally, consider a larger expense that is absent from a life insurance policy…taxes. The money grows tax-deferred, is accessed tax-free and pays a tax free death benefit.