Sales Idea – Six Ways to Get Cash from a UL

Six Ways to Get Cash from a UL
Did you know there are six ways your clients can get money from a universal life insurance contract? To demonstrate this, I’ve re-worked the classic bucket illustration that we’ve all seen to help explain cash value life insurance. It shows the money going into the contract at the top with a spigot at the bottom that shows cash coming out of the contract for different reasons. This new bucket has six spigots because there are six ways (depending on the carrier and product you use) that your clients can get cash out of that contract. Three of them are based upon an income stream and three of them are based upon your client’s health. In just two minutes I can walk you through all six.

You are probably familiar with one or two of these already but might not know about all six.

Is there client risk in a GUL?

Is there client risk in a GUL?
Nearly 20 years ago, the insurance industry responded to consumer problems with old fashioned universal life contracts by creating the no-lapse guarantee UL. Rather than a policy based on the concept of maintaining cash value in the contract, a no-lapse UL gives the client another method to keep their policy in force. If the client pays their premium every time, on time, takes no loans and no withdrawals, the policy will always remain in force. It does not need to have cash value. This has been by far the most popular UL we’ve seen at Financial Brokerage over that time period. It’s about a third the cost of a traditional whole life product but still has the same coverage and premium guarantees.

So, what risk is there for the client? If a client is going to maintain this contract for a few decades, what are the chances of them missing a premium somewhere along the way? If that happens they void their guarantee.

What can we do about this? Take a couple minutes to learn what you can do to save your client’s contract and save your bacon as well.

Score a Triple Double with IUL

Score a Triple Double with IUL
What if your clients could withdraw triple the amount of money they placed into their retirement plan, for double the number of years? Better yet, what if they could do that with absolutely no downside market risk and no taxes? Well, they can, and you can help them do it. Learn how indexed universal life insurance can help your clients score a triple double in just two minutes!

Unlock the power of Indexed Universal Life so you can transform your business.

Unlock the power of Indexed Universal Life so you can transform your business.
With Stonewood software and turn-key marketing programs, you get access to proven IUL sales stories and the tools to close business with them.

Seminars and meeting scripts for prospecting. Brochures and handouts for client meetings. Customized IUL proposals to close business. Our software and programs take you from “nice to meet you” to “nice doing business with you.”

Sales Idea – Ready To Increase Your Insurance Agency Profits

Ready To Increase Your Insurance Agency Profits?
If your office is like most insurance agencies, you are extremely busy. You sell life insurance if clients ask but you really don’t have time to pursue new sales. Maybe you don’t feel you possess the necessary expertise to do all these things. Does this sound like you?

By running your practice this way, you are missing out on revenue. Your book of business is exposed to other agencies who are engaging their clients in meaningful life insurance conversations. Fortunately, there is no reason YOU can’t run your agency the same way and realize those same profits from another product line.

How much money are you missing?

You can find out for yourself in just a few minutes. Watch the video then contact me at Financial Brokerage for the revenue calculator you can use today!