Have you heard of the 35-35-35 Retirement Plan?

Have you heard of the
35-35-35 Retirement Plan?
You probably know several retirement plans by their tax code number, the 401(k), 403(b), 412(i) and maybe even so-called 7702(t) plans. But what about the 35-35-35 plan?
Want to see this plan in action? Take a listen to this quick video, then contact me to do the same for your clients.

When Does $100,000 Equal $1,000,000?

When Does $100,000 Equal $1,000,000?
Did you know that if a 60 year old moves just $100,000 of assets to the right place today, it could save them $1,000,000 of medical expenses in retirement?
cover $1,000,000 of your client’s medical expenses for long term care in retirement
preserve $1,000,000 in assets under management

Sales Idea – A Millionaire For $100/Month?

A Millionaire For $100/Month?
What can you get for $100 a month?
  How about:
$22,000 for college
$30,000 down payment on a home
$70,000 annual retirement income
  Curious to see how you can do all this for just $100 a month?
Watch the video then contact us for an illustration outlining the details at 800-475-5555

Sales Idea – How to SUPERCHARGE a Retirement Plan

How To SUPERCHARGE A Retirement Plan
“Enhanced Funding” or Life Insurance Premium Finance can significantly enhance the long-term cash value accumulation of a life insurance policy.
Financing is obtained through a specialty Lender or Bank that provides a custom loan arrangement.
The annual cost or out of pocket contribution from the borrower is usually about half of the premium amount and is made between five and ten years.
The extra infusion of cash provided by financing significantly increases the cash flow from the policy in later years, even after paying back the loan.
This is different from most traditional premium financing arrangements.
This is perfect for attorneys, doctors and highly paid executives.
Look for business owners that have put so much effort into running their business that they are behind on their own retirement plan.
Want to see if your client qualifies?
We have the details on client eligibility, loan arrangement and policy design.
If you have clients you think might qualify, contact me for the pdf

Sales Idea – Fill Retirement Gaps with IUL

Fill Retirement Gaps with IUL
Are you aware of all the potential gaps in your clients’ retirement plans? Index universal life can help fill those in three different ways:

1- Your clients can tap into index universal life insurance funds during a down market cycle so they don’t have to sell at a loss.
2- Index universal life insurance funds can be used to bridge the gap between retirement and claiming social security.
3- Index universal life insurance funds can be used to optimize a client’s tax bracket throughout retirement.