American Equity – Important Compliance Memo for Maine

AEL Compliance Memo
American Equity would like to keep you informed and aware of important regulatory
and compliance issues. The Maine Insurance Bulletin 403 discusses the use of lead
cards, which are post cards, mailers or other written communications encouraging
consumers to supply their contact and other personal information which is then
used or purchased by agents to create contact lists for insurance sales solicitations.
The Maine Bureau of Insurance has identified certain lead card practices which are
prohibited, and advises agents that use lead cards of their obligations to ensure that
these cards are not deceptive or misleading, including:
  • The use of words, symbols, seals, or logos suggesting the card comes from or is
    endorsed by a government agency.
  • Failing to disclose that the card is an insurance solicitation and that an insurance
    agent may contact the consumer.
  • The use of deceptive or alarming claims to induce the consumer to return
    information, such as vague or misleading suggestions that “important elder
    law changes” may affect the consumer.
  • Suggesting that the sole purpose of the card is to offer free information or
    a brochure to the consumer or provide a free review of benefits for the consumer.
  • Falsely representing that the card is being sent only to specially selected persons.
  • Requesting consumers mail their response to an unspecified addressee, such as
    “National Response Center” which does not allow consumers to know the true
    identity of the sender/requestor.
Lead cards are considered a form of advertising and may not contain untrue, deceptive
or misleading information. Agents are responsible for the content of the lead cards that
they send or have sent on their behalf. This also extends to leads purchased from a
third party that utilized lead cards.

If agents use American Equity’s name and/or products, they must submit the lead cards
to the Compliance Department for review and approval prior to use. Submit materials to or fax to 515-273-3620.

If you have any questions, please call our toll free number at 888-221-1234 and ask
for Compliance.

Thank you for your business and support of American Equity!

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