American Equity – Field Updates

**Bonus Gold Sales Suspended in Pennsylvania**
As required by the state of Pennsylvania, sales for the Bonus Gold
(INDEX-1-07-PA) will be suspended effective July 1, 2015. Any Bonus Gold
applications received in our office after 4:45 p.m. CST on June 30, 2015 will
not be accepted. No exceptions.
Pending business will be issued as funds are received.

American Equity is committed to providing you with competitive products. The
Foundation Gold (ICC11 IDX3) is a great product replacement for the Bonus Gold
and includes:

  • 7% premium bonus on all first year premiums
  • 10 year surrender charge and bonus vesting schedules
  • 9 indexed and 1 fixed interest crediting option available
  • 5% penalty-free withdrawal annually, cumulative up to 10%
  • Industry-leading Guaranteed Lifetime Income Benefit Rider
American Equity still offers a variety of other products for Pennsylvania, including:
  • Traditions Gold (ICC11 IDX4)
  • Choice Series (ICC14 IDX8)
  • Benefit Gold (ICC13 IDX7)
  • Guarantee Series (ICC13 MYGA)
  • SPIA-1
**Product Training is required before writing an annuity application**
Thank you for your business. If you have any questions, please call the Marketing
Department at 888-647-1371.
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