Life Insurance

Underwriting with Andrea #5

Declines got you down?
Underwriting is both an Art and a Science. Here at Financial Brokerage we know that the clients you protect have their own unique histories that often present Underwriting challenges. With so many options available, knowing where to start can be daunting. Let us help you choose the right carrier the first time. Stop Declines before they happen and contact me the next time you’ve “got a guy” that you’re not quite sure where to start with. You might just be surprised at what I’ll find…
Today’s Challenge
Male, 20 years old, non-smoker. This applicant was in need of Life Insurance for business purposes but was declined due to a diagnosis of Grand Mal /Tonic Clonic Seizures 10 years ago. For the first 4 years, while in his early teens, he had a variety of seizures, 0-2 per day. In 2011 the client stopped having daily seizures with no explanation and in 2013 he had his last seizure when he started taking Topiramate. The APS has this noted as Generalized Epilepsy. The client sees his Doctor annually and all has been favorable since 2013.
The Resolution
The majority of our carriers were in the table 2-4 range; some went as high as table 6 due to the client’s young age. However, one carrier among the many I reached out to, came in at Standard, and that was without using any type of table shave program! Of course, all of these offers were subject to an APS and full review of Neurology records, but it just goes to show what a difference shopping these cases can make!